“Secure Document Destruction”
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Secure, confidential shredding and destruction

Welcome to WN Security Shredding

Our fleet of lorries collect security documents from your premises in bags or bins.

We collect

We destroy

Welcome to WN Security Shredding

Confidential documents being destroyed and baled.

Welcome to WN Security Shredding

An end to all of those bills!

We recycle

Welcome to WN Security Shredding

WN Security Shredding Bags

Welcome to WN Security Shredding

Our mission: In a culture of identity theft and fraud we aim to take the worry out of disposing of your confidential documents.

We have over 25 years’ experience in the industry so you can be secure in the knowledge that we provide a data destruction service to meet your needs.

We offer standard and bespoke services for paper and non paper based products because everyone has different needs. A Certificate of Destruction is provided every time.

Our staff are friendly, efficient and reliable, which is why our security shredding service is unrivalled in our area.

With fines of up to £500,000 under the 1998 Data Protection Act for failure to dispose of your confidential documents securely, it makes sense to use an experienced, accredited, trusted and efficient security shredding company.

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